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It’s time to get started on that fall garden

I can grow 10 times the food in the same space if I plant fall crops now. We can plant so many tasty crops that will do well that I can’t mention them all here. Even better, most fall crops are leafy vegetables. You eat almost the whole plant because the leaves and roots on most fall crops can both be eaten, including turnips and carrots.

Spice it up

Parker goes to her customers’ homes to prepare a week or even two weeks’ worth of meals for families. She also caters for private parties and corporate gatherings. “It can be for two people or up to 200 people,” she says of the quantities she serves. “I bring everything — food, pots, pans — other than the kitchen sink.”
Seen @ the Scene

KidsPeace Fayetteville Annual Auction

The KidsPeace Fayetteville Annual Auction was held on  Sept. 15, 2022, at Gates Four Golf & Country Club.

Greek Festival

The 2022 Greek Festival, hosted by Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church, was held on Sept. 17-18.


Hey y’all, it’s fall

It was a hot one.But not to worry — you can stay cool. Because summer has come to an end. And though we might not be free of the 90s yet — this is southeastern North Carolina, after all …

Sisterhood of survivors

When Kathy McPhail received the news earlier this year that she had breast cancer, she was not alone. She had a sisterhood of church friends and a support team at Cape Fear Valley Health who held her hand, sent her cards and offered to attend doctor’s appointments with her. 

Worth the drive

Fall road trips are the best. Open your windows or let down the top to feel autumn’s first invigorating nip. Turn up the radio and perform your own version of “Carpool Karaoke.” …

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Editor's Corner

Each flag at the Field of Honor tells a story

Pulling up to the museum grounds and seeing the flags neatly aligned is as awe-inspiring today as it was the first year I saw them. This patriotic display honors those who have served, those who are still serving and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Family Matters

A sweet, sweet October

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to most aspects of family life in our household, my husband is the favorite parent. Or at least the most fun. He takes to the trampoline and bounces with no mercy, sending little bodies flying sky-high as they squeal with delight and I watch through my fingers.
Someday you'll thank me

The other most wonderful time of the year

We’ve all heard Andy Williams belt out “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” his well-known musical tribute to the Christmas season. This jaunty tune, played on almost every music outlet in the weeks before Christmas, celebrates what many regard as their favorite time of the year.
Good Reads

Reading with kids

One of the best things that parents can do for their children is to teach them to love reading. This will give them a head start in school, help them build their vocabulary, and literally strengthen the brain by increasing neurons.