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A child shall lead the way


Jessie Thompson’s newest novel, “Escaping the Broken Pieces,’’ draws us into the life of a 7-year-old, the son of a prostitute and the grandson of a drug addict.

Years of destruction and despair gloomed upon his community even before Timothy was born. Growing up in a society afflicted by the wretchedness of life, Timothy was told, “What you see is what you will be.” Timothy was too young to understand the meaning of “a family curse,” yet he was old enough to realize that something had to be done to unleash the powers that were stirring amongst them.

God speaks to us in many ways. He spoke to Timothy through a magazine photo that inspired Timothy to step out on faith and trust the only one who can change his genealogy. Despite the negativity that was going on around him, Timothy chose to hold fast to what he was believing in God to do. Through this experience, Timothy found out how important a promise is to God.

After Timothy was transformed from what he was born to be to what God chose him to be, he was given an important title and a specific job to do, and failure was not an option. Travel with Timothy as he learns that sometimes you have to turn away from the past in order to uplift the future.

“Escaping the Broken Pieces’’ can be found at Amazon.com/books.