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Council to get 2023 crime numbers


The Fayetteville City Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday, during which council members will get a snapshot of public safety data from 2023. 

Here’s what’s on the agenda

  • Fayetteville Police Department: The council will receive a report from the city’s police department reviewing annual statistics on topics such as violent crime trends, clearance rates, juvenile crimes, traffic stops, domestic violence, use-of-force incidents and mental health calls. 
  • Fayetteville Fire Department: The council will receive a report from the fire department reviewing annual department statistics, including a breakdown of 2023 call volume, response times, notables fires and recruitment and retention numbers in Fayetteville. 
  • Zoning hearings: The council will hold a public and evidentiary hearing on a rezoning and special use permit request for a property located at 1040 Stamper Road. The developer is asking to locate a duplex (two- to four-family dwelling) at the property.
  • Demolition liens: The council will review liens from city-initiated demolitions. A lien is the city’s claim to a property after an owner fails to pay a debt the city incurred when it demolished an unsafe structure. The council will decide whether to actively enforce the liens, such as by selling the properties, or to wait for owners to pay the liens voluntarily. 

The council meeting will take place at City Hall, 433 Hay Street. It will also be aired on Spectrum Cable Channel 7 and live-streamed at www.faytv.net.

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