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COURTNEY BANKS-MCLAUGHLIN: N.C. House, Dist. 42 candidate


Office sought: N.C. House District 42

Party affiliation: Democrat

Previous office held: Fayetteville City Council, first elected in 2019.

Lives: Fayetteville

Age: 40

Works: Fayetteville City Council, Dist. 8 

What’s your motivation for seeking office? I am seeking office for N.C. House District 42. The residents of Fayetteville, Spring Lake, and Fort Liberty deserve a tried-and-true leader and a servant-heart with political experience.  

What uniquely qualifies you to serve? As a 3rd term Fayetteville City Council member, and appointed by Gov. Roy Cooper to serve on the Governor's Crime Commission, I have a proper understanding of state and local issues. I am a wife, mother, and leader with Christian values who also understands critical issues that impact senior citizens, military families, farmers, small businesses and churches.  

Fill in the blank: The top three issues in my municipality/district are ____, ____ and ____; and I would promote positive change by _____. Women's rights, equal rights, civil rights and voting rights.  I will promote positive change through transparency and accountability.  

What new policies or practices would you bring to your municipality/district that do not already exist? I will be visible and accessible to the needs of residents in District 42, serving Fayetteville, Spring Lake and Fort Liberty.  

For more:

(910)-527-0248 ; vote4courtneync@gmail.com; https://www.facebook.com/courtneydistrict8/