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Cumberland County government


At a glance
Cumberland is the fifth-largest county in North Carolina with a population of about 337,000.
It is home to nine municipalities: Fayetteville, Eastover, Falcon, Godwin, Hope Mills, Linden, Spring Lake, Stedman and Wade.
It was named after the Duke of Cumberland, William Augustus, the British commander who defeated the Highland Scots at the Battle of Culloden in 1745.
The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners has seven members who are elected to four-year terms. Two members are elected from District 1, three members are elected from District 2 and two members are elected at large. The terms are staggered, and the members elect the chairman and vice chairman annually.
The District 2 seats are up for election in 2024.
Toni Stewart, chair, District 2, 910-476-4444, tstewart@co.cumberland.nc.us
Glenn Adams, vice chair, District 1, 910-223-1400, gadams@co.cumberland.nc.us
Michael Boose, District 2, 910-860-3889, mboose@co.cumberland.nc.us
Jeannette Council, District 1, 910-488-0691, jcouncil@co.cumberland.nc.us
W. Marshall Faircloth, at large, 910-678-7771, wmfaircloth@cumberlandcountync.gov
Jimmy Keefe, District 2, 910-323-1791, jkeefe@co.cumberland.nc.us
Veronica B. Jones, at large, 910-678-7771, vjones@cumberlandcountync.gov
Clarence Grier, county manager, 910-678-7721, cgrier@cumberlandcountync.gov
Ennis Wright, sheriff, 910-323-1500, ewright@co.cumberland.nc.us
Cumberland County government
117 Dick St., Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone: 910-678-7771