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Fayetteville seeks input on resident experiences with comprehensive survey


Fayetteville is asking residents to fill out a survey to gauge their perception and satisfaction with the city’s services, including specific questions about departmental services and broad questions about the city’s overall direction and quality-of-life for residents. 

The survey, typically conducted every two years, was last conducted in 2020 because of pandemic delays. The city is using the ETC Institute, a market research and survey company that specializes in local government, as its consultant for the survey. 

Excluding demographic and respondent background questions, the survey includes 80 questions for residents to offer their input on a wide variety of topics, such as public safety, code enforcement and parks and recreation. It also asks residents to rate their overall satisfaction with Fayetteville. 

“The survey in Fayetteville serves as a comprehensive tool to gauge the pulse of the community,” Loren Bymer, the city’s spokesperson, told CityView. “By delving into residents' opinions, preferences, and concerns, the city aims to identify key areas for improvement in services, infrastructure, and overall quality of life.”

Bymer said the survey is also designed to assess how the city and its staff are meeting, exceeding or falling below the expectations of residents. 

“The city wants to ensure that staff services and priorities match citizen expectations,” he said. “This feedback will help shape our community’s future and guide our commitment to high performance, innovation, quality city operations, customer service and continuous improvement.” 

The results of the survey will be measured against previous resident survey outcomes. The data-driven approach, Bymer said, will help provide a point of reference for the city’s overall progress and performance in recent years. 

The survey will stay open until at least 600 have been completed. Bymer said the goal is to have those surveys in by the Fayetteville City Council’s upcoming Strategic Planning session on Jan. 29. He said the final survey report will be drafted for review at the beginning of February. When the survey concludes, residents will also be able to see the results on the city’s strategic performance analytics webpage.

Overall, Bymer said the survey will give residents the chance to guide elected officials' decisions. 

“Residents' active participation is the cornerstone of a thriving and responsive community,” Bymer said. “By taking part in the survey, individuals directly influence the decisions that impact their neighborhoods.”

To take the survey, click here. Residents with questions about the survey can contact Chris Lowery, the city’s strategic performance analytics manager, at 910-433-1245.

Contact Evey Weisblat at cityviewnc.com or 216-527-3608. 

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