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Election 2022

Incumbent Diane Wheatley retains N.C. House District 43 seat


Incumbent Diane Wheatley on Tuesday defeated veteran Democratic challenger Elmer Floyd for the N.C. House District 43 seat, according to unofficial returns.

The district includes parts of central Fayetteville and a large portion of Cumberland County east of the Cape Fear River. Wade, Stedman, Eastover, Godwin, Falcon, Gray’s Creek and Cedar Creek are all within the district.

Wheatley received 14,318 votes compared with Floyd’s 11,614, according to unofficial results from the N.C. State Board of Elections.

“I’m ready to go back to Raleigh and go to work and I appreciate their support,’’ Wheatley said. “I will try not to disappoint them and will always represent our community.

“I look forward to hearing from my constituents and (am) looking forward to serving our county,” Wheatley said.

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Wheatley said she believes the country is on the wrong track, while Floyd said he believes the country is heading in the right direction. Both candidates stated they strongly believe in supporting law enforcement.

When asked why she thought the voters sent her back to Raleigh, Wheatley had this to offer: “I think I worked very hard to make sure Cumberland County has not been left out in Raleigh. I think I've been here serving the community for 16 years as a school board chairman and as a county commissioner. I served two years in Raleigh with great success with the delegation that I enjoyed working with.”

“I’m hopeful we can do the same when I get to Raleigh,’’ she said. “I think people know I want to work with the folks who are elected and to be effective for our county.”

Floyd could not be reached for comment.

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