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Graduation 2023

Mistakes can be overcome, Jack Britt High valedictorian tells classmates


Nearly 1,000 high school students in five Cumberland County high schools, including Jack Britt, received their diplomas Wednesday as graduation week wrapped up.

Wednesday was the fourth and final day of the district’s graduation marathon.

Ceremonies were held at the Crown Coliseum.

Over the past two weeks, the district has celebrated 17 commencements with more than 3,500 students walking across the stage to receive their diplomas, according to a news release.

Jack Britt valedictorian Rebekah Boitey advised fellow graduates not to dwell on their mistakes.

“Some of you may plan on becoming a teacher, becoming a soldier, becoming a mechanic, (or) becoming a medical professional,” Boitey said. “But whatever path you decide to follow, be kind to yourself as you make mistakes. When you stumble, know that no failure or setback is insurmountable. When you try new things, feel the fear or the anxiety, and then go after your dreams.”

She said missteps can be overcome.

“When you fail, take the time to be sad, but do not dwell on your mistakes,” Boitey said. “Life can be heavy if you carry it all at once. Decide what to keep and what to let go. Know that your failures do not define what you are capable of. Instead, see them as proof that you are trying and opportunities to learn.”

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