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Hope Mills board moves forward with plans for sports complex


HOPE MILLS — The town of Hope Mills just moved closer to having a sports complex.

On Jan. 6, the Board of Commissioners approved a contract with CHA Consulting. Since then, the firm has worked closely with the parks and recreation division to plan for construction of a Hope Mills sports complex.

On Monday, representatives of CHA Consulting presented three plans for the new facility.

After reviewing the designs, the commissioners and recreation department officials unanimously chose Concept C. That consensus allows Recreation Director Lamarco Morrison to move forward with making the sports complex a reality.

The plan calls for two large fields, two softball fields with turf, an expandable field, batting cages, bullpens, and an area to host food trucks. The centerpiece of the complex will include a large welcome area for team members and fans to easily congregate. The plan also includes ample parking spaces.

The ball fields would double as soccer fields, and the largest field would double as an entertainment area for concerts and “movie night” type events.

CHA Consulting representatives said careful thought was put into every detail.

The sports complex will be on the golf field on Golfview Road. American Rescue Plan federal funding was approved in the amount of $1.4 million.

Commissioner Grilley Mitchell asked Lamarco Morrison about the funding.

Morrison said there are several ways to pay for the complex, including sponsorships.

The “B” word being another.

“Bonds,” said Morrision.

Morrison also said there are opportunities to bring in Double-A baseball teams to help fund the field.

“I envisioned field No. 2 being a stadium that’s home to a Double-A team,” said Morrison, who added that the town has been approached by a couple of teams that might want to make Hope Mills home.

Morrison also suggested the field can bring in large tournaments including youth world series games known for pumping millions into a hosting town’s economy.

“There's an opportunity to host tournaments and make money for other operations,” said Commissioner Joanne Scarola, noting food trucks. “I like that.”

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Also at Monday’s meeting, the board unanimously approved two initial zoning cases. One is for  8.11 acres for planned retail at  Waldo’s Beach and Camden roads. The other is for 8.33 acres in a more restrictive residential zoning district at Hunting Ridge and Rockfish roads. 

The board spent the first part of the meeting recognizing the police force and public works department. Representatives of both departments received a standing ovation.

The board met in closed session to consult its attorney about personnel matters.

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