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JK Premier Marketing


Jamie Kight is a digital marketing consultant trained and certified under today’s most brilliant marketing leaders. She is the owner and executive director of JK Premier Marketing, a veteran, minority-owned and woman-led business that prioritizes hiring military veterans and spouses. The company specializes in website design, graphic design, social media, brand development and digital advertising.

As a military spouse, Jamie recognized a gap within her community. The unemployment rate for military spouses was 20-24 percent compared to civilian counterparts at 4.4-7 percent. Military spouses with professional degrees struggled with employment due to the demands of moving, state licensing and deployments. Her mission was to provide military veterans and spouses the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise in a company that offered the understanding and flexibility they needed. That’s when she took action and started JK Premier Marketing in 2014.

Highly educated military spouses with diverse backgrounds and outstanding talent comprise JK Premier Marketing. “We already function with the high expectation of being America’s Finest, and we translate that into everything we do. We have exemplary character and leadership skills ingrained into us. We are remarkably competent, creative, highly motivated, and ever resourceful. Most importantly, we know how to align with someone else’s vision and carry it out successfully,” says Jamie. “Our purpose is to launch clients strategically and competitively into the digital landscape so they can ultimately make a difference in today’s world.”

JK Premier Marketing is a premier digital marketing firm with a mission to forge immersive experiences, compose compelling stories and cultivate provoking products that play a meaningful role in the lives of others. “We collaborate with a diverse portfolio of brands, companies, and organizations who want to make a big impact in the marketplace and let their message shine,” she says.

JK Premier Marketing is also a prominent supporter of the Special Forces Association Chapter 100.

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JK Premier Marketing, Jamie Kight